Spanish & Catalan cuisine in Portland,OR

Located in NW Portland, Ataula is the perfect destination where old and new come together as Cristina Baez and chef Jose Chesa put a modern interpretation on the traditional Spanish ‘tapeo’ culture. Chef Jose will transport you to his homeland with dishes rooted in Catalunya and other Spanish regions, meanwhile updating and advancing their flavors by utilizing the Northwest’s bounty of fresh ingredients.

Ataula not only facilitates shared eating, but also shared memories with friends and family. We want to preserve the ‘tapeo’ essence and its unforgettable ‘salero’ style that has been passed on for generations in Spain.

At Ataula, tapas represents our character, our personality and most importantly, the understanding of gastronomy. Ataula allows us to enjoy and share it the way we like: With several small plates and a good ‘cañita’, or wine, sitting at the bar.



José Chesa

José Chesa


Cristina Baez

Cristina Baez


Eduardo Juarez

Eduardo Juarez


Stephanie Lawty

Stephanie Lawty

Bar Manager


1818 NW 23rd PL

Portland, OR 97210

(503) 894-8904


3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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